Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

We are convinced we offer the best product and unrivalled customer service. UK based, next day delivery of your Melanotan products Monday to Friday, rain or shine !

But don’t just take our word for it. Here are some comments from  few of our delighted customers.

We have many thousands of them, coming back to us time after time…

Amazing product

Amazing product, I ordered over a few months ago, and it has not failed me yet.
My tan has stayed beautifully glowing, with minimal sun exposure. Just put in my second order, and will continue to order from easytan


Just love Easytan

I use this site every year …fast delivery and fast reply’s if needing questions answered (like I have) my tan is looking good already as a few people have asked if I’ve been away …only been on sunbed twice a week and injections 3 times a week

…absolutely love it

Laura K

Say hello to summer everyday!

Saying bye bye to the summer for many years was a once a depressing fact of my life!

I’d just managed to build up a nice tan, then in my mind I knew within a few weeks it would disappear and I would be back to super pale.

Then in the 1980’s this wonderful invention became available to everyone  – the sunbed! This gave people the opportunity to be at home and still get a tan. People of my age (40 something) will remember walking down a street and seing the bright violet glow coming from many an upstairs window and thinking “I wish I had one of those”

Since the 1980’s sun beds have become much more powerful – what used to take and hour on each side now take 2 mins in a stand up sun bed a few times a week.

Then in the mid 2000’s a new product hit the market  – Melanotan  or tanners as they soon became known. This was a white powder calledMelanotan 2 which when mixed with sterile water became an injectable solution.

The popularity of the jabs went off the scale, with people dubbing it the”Barbie drug” and  “perma tan”  in certain parts of the country, not to mention on TV  became the norm.

Some people had a problem with using a syringe, even though the needle is tiny. Sure enough, before long, the labs starting producing Melanotan ins nasal spray form.

The product moved forward in leaps and bounds and was finally reengineered  to become Melanotan 2(MT2). This gave better and longer lasting results than the original formula. Using the product  is very simple:-

Firstly when you buy make sure they are never pre-mixed;  melanotan once mixed is a very fragile solution which should never be shaken.

During shipping this could happen and you may not get the results you desire.

There are plenty of videos online on how to inject  – just take a look at them on youtube.

You start your course taking a very small amount daily (in general 0.1ml). After day 4 start using a  sun bed a couple of times a week. Keep taking the product daily and using the sun bed until you get the to the colour you desire.

Then it’s a simple case of once a week on a sun bed (or indeed in the sun if we have any) when you see your tan fading.

Thats it. A simple way to keep an all round tan.

And the best place to buy it – Easytan wins hands down for fast, friendly service and consistent quality!

Linda K, model, Edinburgh.

“ Best UK Melanotan 2 supplier, no question ”

We all love to have that summer glow don’t we? Nothing better than having that summer tan. In 2016 I discovered a way to keep my tan topped up during the colder periods – and it’s called Melanotan 2. Over the years I have tried most of the companies out there – many have come and gone but Easytan have been around for a long time and they always deliver for me.

As I said, I have tried most of the suppliers but I have settled on Easytan who never let me down.

Best Customer Support

While there are very rarely any issues, if there ever are any issues then their team – who seem very approachable and friendly – are also always on hand to deal with any issues or queries and problems are very easily sorted

They have also been known to send out vials and other products free of charge if there has been a problem – a real class act.

Fastest delivery. 

You’re told that your product will be dispatched within 24 hours of being processed and they never seem to disappoint. Their first class, signed for service always arrives on time and I have never had any issues with their products either.

Plus their next day delivery service is always on point to, I’ve never not had a package delivered by 1pm the next day so that is why they get my stamp of approval for delivery.

“So all in all – great product, fast delivery, friendly, professional service. Highly recommended”

Charlotte V, Beauty writer, London